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MNCCD Virtual Tuesdays at the Capitol - Shared screen with speaker view
Kristi Arntzen
Good morning! This is Kristi with Paradigm/Veritext, your captioner today. If you could assign me to type as the captioner, I will get the captions up and running. Thank you!
Jane McClure
I'm just listening for access press. not contributing but listening. Camera is wonky so no pictue and i'll stay on mute. Thanks all!
Bridget Carter- MNCCD
Thanks Jane!
(Captioner) Kristi Arntzen
Good morning! This is Kristi with Paradigm/Veritext, your captioner today. If you could assign me to type as the captioner, I will get the captions up and running. Thank you!
Jillian Nelson
I lost all my hours because of social distancing. Theres no support because its my second job so its just a total loss of income I depended on.
Alicia Munson
Hi all - if you have a story you would like to share during the forum, please send me a message in the chat and let me know!
Nikki Villavicencio
PCAs should be getting hazard pay and overtime!
Jennifer Schultz
Is there support to pay spouses and parents (for children under age 18) to be a PCA for their loved one? I believe we need a federal waiver for this.
Maren Hulden
Rep. Schultz I believe DHS was working on that — I will look in my notes to see if I more detail on the status of that. It’s something we’ve been asking for so that people who have family members who can provide care can be paid to do so.
Jennifer Schultz
Yes, I believe DHS is requesting a federal waiver. I need to join the Rules Committee. Thank you for hosting this forum.
Tyler Frank (he/him)
noel dohmeier
Hi Alicia. It's Noel, RN QP from Best Care. I have a unique situation to share if possible.
Alicia Munson
Just a reminder to please let me know if you'd like to share a personal story during the forum! You can just send me a message and I will call on you shortly
nking’s iPhone
This is Rep. Todd Lippert and I need to leave to travel to session
Jean Bender
Ask your pharmacist for supplies. We asked ours what we could use to sterilize catheter equipment because we couldn’t get alcohol wipes. In response, he pulled out a box he was saving for people like us. Never hurts to ask!
nking’s iPhone
Thank you for the opportunity to hear your stories, and for the advocacy work. I look forward to continuing the work.
Maren Hulden
Thank you, Rep. Lippert!
Jerry Relph
You can place a soap bar in a jar of water nd allowing it to dissolve will give you a refill for a pump. Dial works well because it is antibacterial.
Tyler Frank (he/him)
I have one more comment, if y’all don’t mind.
Jerry Relph
I am going to have to leave the meeting for a moment. Thank you for all of your stories and input. I will continue to work hard to try get the PCA/DSP bill through.
Tyler Frank (he/him)
Another issue is that many PCAs are in a tough position of choosing to continue caring for their client when they’d make higher income from unemployment insurance right now.
Jean Bender
Good point, Tyler. A helpful intervention with unintended consequences for our community.
Tyler Frank (he/him)
And all underpaid communities.
Pang Vang
Oops. I mean to answer this to everyone. PCA has to be let go of from the PCA agency before they can receive unemployment ins
Tyler Frank (he/him)
This just dropped this morning: https://minnesotareformer.com/2020/04/14/home-health-aides-and-personal-care-attendants-are-on-the-front-lines/