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The Arc Minnesota "Be Counted" - Census 2020 Livestream - Shared screen with speaker view
Ryan Anderson Pascual
By when do people need to respond to the Census?
Alicia Munson
If you have any questions about the census, let us know! You can submit your question in the chat feature here on Zoom, or send Alicia Munson a message noting that you'd like to ask a question from your video/audio feed
Donna Atherton
Any clarification about would fill out the census for a group home for the household? what choices are given for relationships? Who is the audience for this presentation?
Donna Atherton
How is a home visit handled for social distance?
Alicia Munson
With more questions about the census for individuals living in group homes and other group quarters, contact Madeleine Lerner at ARRM, mlerner@arrm.org